Resale Certificates

Resale Certificates Requests
Whether you are a realtor, title company representative or a homeowner, you will start the process by going to our HOA's property manager, Neighborhood Management Inc. (NMI). They offer a request package powered by CondoCerts to process all requests and related sales information. The fees associated with obtaining a Resale Certificate vary depending on requestor's needs. 

This table shows how to get started to order the certificates. 
When you view the NMI website, scroll down and look for this --------------------->     ewq4mlfi5SCerFop.png
When you click on it, you will  see this screen. Note the CondoCerts at the bottom as the "powered by" software.

If this is your first time,
you will first
and set up your
      S IGN IN       password
As you REGISTER for the first time with CondoCerts, you may be prompted to verify with an email resembling this ------------>    ekZDYDG8i5Rh5CKa.jpg
You'll go back to the sign-in page, and using your new CondoCert password, sign in and view your order screen -------------------->

Start with
  Place Your Order Now!   
and step through the pages until the end for final payment.

Here are the annual assessments for the past five years.
Dues are payable annually on January 1st
  • 2024 HOA Dues - $500
  • 2023 HOA Dues - $475
  • 2022 HOA Dues - $480
  • 2021 HOA Dues - $460
  • 2020 HOA Dues - $440
  • 2019 HOA Dues - $420

Realtor/Title Company Comments

If you are a realtor or title company representative and have suggestions or comments about the material here, or what should be here, please send an email to [email protected].