ACC - Changes to Your Property

If you are planning changes to the exterior of your home, please note that you must first make an application to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Please read below on how to do.

Before submitting your request, please be sure to read this excerpt from the Covenants regarding requesting Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval for certain work on the owner's property.

Please note: The ACC is composed of volunteer neighbors. While usually not necessary, the Covenants allow up to 45 days to approve or not an application. Easy projects are addressed faster than complex ones. Please factor this into your project's timetable.

Three Ways to Complete The Form

Submitting Your Forms to NMI

Email Mail
[email protected] Neighborhood Management Inc.
1024 S. Greenville Ave., Suite 230
Allen, TX 75002

Roof Replacement Advisories

Reminder that the Declaration is very specific regarding permitted roofing material and color. Refer to the Roofing Guidelines for more information.

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