HOA Website Registration Guide

Registering on the HOA website brings you HOA news plus access to the Neighborhood Directory, financial statements, meeting minutes, volunteers for the Board and Committees, and the Forum pages. 

Registration is quick and easy... see these tips below. Registration is open to anyone residing in the Fairways of Sherrill Park community, owner or lessee. Each household member may have their own account, which could provide their own phone number, email address and more.

Registering on our FSP community website:
Two Options
1.  Registration is pretty straight forward. Here’s a link that goes straight to the Registration 
     page https://www.sherrillpark.com/account/register

2.  If you’d like to seer a brief guide, click here: https://help.hoa-express.com/en/articles/2342954-registering-on-your-community-website

If you’d like to register at a later time, you can visit our website and click on the "register" link displayed in the top right-hand corner. jP16ogCY1DG8V8hC.jpg

 * The Directory and FORUM is available only to registered members as a resident security/privacy measure.

Latest HOA news and Upcoming Events
receive the latest news, new document availability and the upcoming HOA events. The updates are usually sent out weekly on Mondays if there is something new. 

Questions may be sent to Communications Manager at [email protected].