Guide: Neighbor Directory Access

Resident Directory Guide

Resident information is maintained by the Fairways of Sherrill Park Homeowners Association.

Note: Resident data is collected, stored and safeguarded for the HOA by HOA-authorized committee volunteers, usually the HOA’s Welcome Team; the HOA-authorized individuals will identify themselves as such.  The HOA recommends caution in providing your contact information (phone numbers, email addresses) to individuals, even residents, if they do not state they are authorized by an HOA committee for the HOA, or someone you know would be safe to share with.

Resident data managed by the HOA is shared only with Neighborhood Management Inc (NMI), the HOA’s property manager. NMI uses the data only for management purposes to contact residents regarding financial and enforcement purposes.

Directory Contents

  • Map of community
  • Know Your Neighbors Around You
  • Alphabetical order, last name
  • Address order; blue box indicates multiple surnames at same address

Note: Some residents have requested to be Unlisted.

Changes in Directory Availability

There have been some changes in availability since the last Directory:

  1. Nextdoor no longer has a Documents section for retrieval,
  2. Residents have mentioned they don’t like receiving large files attached to emails,
  3. In today’s riskier Internet environment, heightened measures to protect your information are deemed necessary.

How to Get a Copy of the Directory

The Directory will now be available on the HOA’s website,

New this year, there are two directories:

  1. The legacy style of Directory has two sections; residents listed by name, and by address,
  2. A new website Directory populated by resident registration information. Also, if activated, residents may provide an email address.**

Although registration is required to see/download the Directories, it is very quick and easy; to get started please click


  • If you encounter any problems or wish to request changes to your listing in the legacy Directory, please send an email to the FSP Communication Manager ([email protected]).
  • Please send suggestions to the FSP Communication Manager ([email protected]).

** This expanded Directory contains the residents who have registered on the website.Depending on the permissions they have set during their registration process, clicking on the name will show viewable information such as telephone number, email address, photo and additional resident and social information. Offering the email permission will allow users to contact other neighbors via email if desired. Registered users may opt out of all the settings, including not being listed in the Directory.

In addition, the new Directory contains a "search" tool enabling users to search on name or street. The menu displays this heading. 

John Fritsche

HOA Communications Manager