Forum Guide

Guide to the Forum features

The “Forum” page type was designed with features in mind to encourage community discussions on the website by allowing members to post topics and comment on existing ones. Within each post, members can include photos, add links, and use the basic formatting tools to emphasize certain parts of their message.


A record of all posts and threads are maintained on the page with a search feature available that allows users to filter through the posts. This way, they can quickly find what they’re looking for! You’ll find topics sorted on the page from newest to oldest, with topics that have new activity automatically placed at the top. Within each topic thread, new comments are sorted from oldest to newest, so the reader can easily follow the flow of conversation.


When you have an interactive page type, like the “Forum,” it’s important that your members are aware of new activity on that page. Therefore, we’ve built-in multiple notification options for your members!

By default, members will be notified via email of new comments on topics they’ve created or had already commented on. They can also update their contact preferences to receive email notifications of all new forum topics and comments added to this page. For those that don’t wish to receive these more frequent notifications, they can still stay up-to-date on new activity through the weekly or monthly What’s Happening emails that will include all new topics and comments added to the forum during that period.

Access to the Forum is available to residents who've registered. Registration is easy; it only take mere moments. And if you forget your password, resetting it is just as easy. Click here to register.

Registered members may create a new topic on the "Create A New Topic" page immediately following this Guide in the menu.