2020 HOA Voter's Guide
This Voter's Guide provides information for this years' election,
the candidates running for the HOA's Board of Directors and
access to online voting
The Annual Meeting is Sunday, February 9, 2020, 2:00 PM
Woodcreek Church, 3400 E Renner Rd, Richardson, TX 75082
Voting has ended

Helpful documents:
    1. The Annual Meeting notice
    2. The Annual Meeting agenda (in process)
    3. Candidate Profiles (see box to right) -------------------------------->
    4. Director voting ends at 12:00 noon, Feb. 7. You can still
           attend the Annual Meeting and vote in person.

Voting Notes:
    1. The Voting form must indicate the voter's property address
           and be signed and dated as indicated to be valid and
    2. Casting votes for more than the number of available seats will
           result in your vote not being counted in the election.
    3. You may vote in person at the Annual meeting (be sure to
           arrive on time).
    4. One proxy/absentee per address, not per person.
    5. If more than one vote is received from the same address, the
           most recent vote is the one counted.
    6. You may cast your vote by using either the paper Directed
           Proxy mailed to you, or vote online here...but not both.
Candidate Profiles
Traci Ahangarzadeh
Stan Chapman
Barb Claycomb
Dick Lauder
Parag(Sunny) Shah
Online Director Voting
ends at 12:00 noon,
Feb. 7, 2020  
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